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Indonesian Agriculture Will Make Indonesia Become a Great Nation

Rice terraces near Jatiluwih, Bali, Indonesia.

Agriculture sector has an important role in  national economic development structure. We know that agriculture in Indonesia is very spacious and potential. Without agriculture human being can not live, any sector will be paralyzed, and it means a big problem for our country. Agriculture has a role as a provider job opportunity, contributor for national income, and GDP contributor in Indonesia. But in a fact, agriculture sector in Indonesia is still weak and there are too many challenges for the agricultural sector. Those challenges become a hard job for all of us if we want agriculture to drive improvements in public welfare and can force national development.  We need agricultural revolution to make Indonesia become a great nation.

Indonesia is the biggest agricultural country, bio-diversity land in Indonesia is the second largest in the world after Brazil, this can be seen with various kinds of commodities for food crops, horticulture, plantations and farms who have long cultivated as a source of food and society income. But why our ‘rich country’ still not able to provide welfare for the state, for Indonesian people and for the farmers themselves?

Dr. Andi Nuhung Iskandar (2006) related to this issue convey his argument that “more than 60% of Indonesia’s population live from agriculture, dwelling in the countryside and is a low-income segments of society, then this is the group that should be the central point of national development, especially in the direction of investment”. If we compare Indonesian agriculture with Japanese agriculture, the difference is quite far. The large area in Japan is mountainous, while the share of agricultural land in Japan is only 25%. Not only the narrow farmland, natural resources in Japan is very poor too. But with these figures, Japanese agriculture can contributes mighty for Japanese economy. Indonesia is not able to implement a system similar to Japan’s agriculture, but the natural and climatic conditions of Indonesia is more fortunate than Japanese. Wondering if the revolution of agriculture in Indonesia executed, how big Indonesia will be seen in the eyes of the world. Yes, Indonesia will be a great nation cause agriculture.

So, in my opinion, agricultural development in Indonesia are not only required to produce agricultural products are highly competitive but also able to develop regional growth and community empowerment. Improving the quality and welfare of agricultural extension services is important, because it will help farmers to always create a new innovation. Involving college students in agricultural development programs through the implementation of bulk agricultural guidance and internship activities to countries where the agricultural sector has advanced is very influential to build a better Indonesian agriculture sector.

(Rice terraces near Jatiluwih, Bali, Indonesia.)



by : Ramadanti – Processing Instructor

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